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Are you a social enterprise located in Victoria? Apply to put yourself on the map!

This project is led by the Centre for Social Impact Swinburne, and was commissioned by the Victorian Government’s DEDJTR (now DJPR) in 2017 to capture a snapshot of the size, characteristics and baseline impacts of social enterprises across Victoria, Australia.

Application process and timing

The Centre for Social Impact screens applications from social enterprises to determine their eligibility to be put on the map, using their application responses and publicly available information.

Applications are screened quarterly and successful enterprises will automatically be added to the map. Given the high number of enterprises on the map, unfortunately the Centre for Social Impact cannot advise each enterprise on the outcome of their application.

The screening process is based on research methodology that was developed to give an overall snapshot of social enterprise activity in Victoria. As such, the Map for Impact screening process is in no way a validation or certification process at the individual social enterprise level.

If you are interested in social enterprise certification, visit Social Traders. If you are interested in social enterprise networking, visit SENVIC.

Already on the map?

Please update us if any of your enterprise’s details change. You can contact if you have recently changed your social enterprise address, website, contact details or name. If you want to take yourself off the map, please email us.